How do I build customer loyalty? 🛍

How do I build customer loyalty? 🛍

You're probably familiar with the loyalty point cards with which you can snag gifts....

1 stamp, 2 stamps, 3 stamps, ONE GIFT 🎁 !

Our exchanges are becoming more and more digital, but what's the reason to stop rewarding your loyalty, just because we see each other less doesn't mean you don't deserve the best service!

Now imagine, with each purchase online or on site you earn points that allow you to :

  • EARN FREE products or services !
  • EARN discounts ! -50%, -25%, -10%...
  • EARN vouchers !

With our new digital solution you could have the possibility to create a digital loyalty card, the rules would be very simple:

  • For any purchase on site, you scan with our application our flash code at the checkout with your smartphone to validate your gain of points!
  • For any purchase on our website or application, your points are automatically counted at the checkout!

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